Since starting Real Estate 13 years ago, Steven’s knowledge of the local area and property market has gone from strength to strength. Starting out from the ground roots, Steven has learnt what it takes to run a successful campaign for his clients. Learning that upfront and honest business is the best kind of business, which allows customers to feel at ease from the start. Adapting to multiple market changes, Steven knows the importance of professional marketing, branding and hard work. Working for YPA, he knows he has the right tools, and strong branding to back his own personal success. Living, and investing locally, Steven’s successful real estate career has enabled him to purchase in the area. This gives him a greater understanding of the area as he not only works in it, he lives in it. Steven is always dedicated to give his best effort to his clients and works hard to help his Vendors achieve a great result when selling, and alike with buyers his search is relentless in helping them find and assisting them in purchasing their dream home. Steven is passionate about real estate, and will work like no other to ensure his clients are satisfied. Being a successful auctioneer, Steven understands the importance of a 'One Stop Shop' agent to help his clients market, negotiate and auction their home if required, without employing outside people. In Steven's spare time, he enjoys spending time with his young family. Swimming, going to local playgrounds to entertain his two year old daughter and visiting family and friends with his wife. Steven owns two cats named Oscar and Miley and is a huge animal lover.