Leasing With YPA

It’s our belief that every time a home enters the real estate market, an opportunity has been provided to change someone’s life for the better. To utilize this opportunity our staff are given top of the industry systems, training & guidance to maximize the potential of a lifechanging outcome for our clients.

Our staff have been trained with the understanding that every situation is unique and requires a tailored set of solutions. By patiently explaining a set of answers which are for the good of the client and achieving great outcomes as a result, our agents form great relationships with our customers. In turn this has grown our business to the size it is at today due to the large referral base we receive from our
past clients.

Property Management Made Easy

Selecting Your Tenant

The vetting process for selecting the right tenant is crucial and relies on the quality of training that our Property Managers received prior to being responsible for your home. A tenant who pays rent on time and looks after your property can save a lot of time, money & headaches down the road.


Marketing your investment property needs to be done correctly in order to attract multiple high level tenants interest. With each office having access to professional photographers, cleaners & stylists we give your home every opportunity to appeal to the marketplace.


Database management of potential renters is a critical element of property management which can go neglected. As our Property Managers have been trained to build relationships with renters it is not uncommon for a property to be leased without needing to go through the marketing process.


Each of our offices have dedicated systems for tracking rent payments, routine inspections and maintenance. These systems along with strong lines of communication with our landlords leads to our industry leading level of service.


Our offices have strong relationships with local trades businesses who provide the maintenance and repair services for our clientele. This means when a household service breaks down, you have instant access to a reliable, affordable and trusted local tradesperson to ensure we keep tenants safe and happy in the property.

Stress Free

We handle it all while keeping you in the loop so you can spend your time enjoying life. We’re committed to producing world class service so we ensure that our property managers are within their limits when it comes to the the number of properties that they look after in a portfolio.