About Us

YPA, Your Property Agent commenced real estate operations from a single office based in Melbourne’s west in 2007. It is now a well established franchise network servicing buyers and vendors Australia wide on all their property needs. YPA offices are independently owned and operated by Directors. Our team of Property Consultants receive regular training in current market trends and industry procedures with the clear intention of producing the best possible results from any given situation for our clients.

Our Values

The Greater Good

Our company was born with the core objective to change lives for the better. We believe that the more good you leave in the world (without expectation of anything in return) the more good that tends to get thrown your way.


By ensuring that our leadership from the top down stays true to who they are, we believe that sets an example for all of our staff to stick to their beliefs. This allows them to be authentic with their customers attracting all types of great people from any walk of life, to us


By giving to our staff and giving back to our local communities we feel like we’re doing our civic duty to make the world a better place, one individual at a time. We also like to make giving to charity a habit amongst our people.


We’re continuously improving our product in leadership, tech systems, training programs or marketing materials. We have a mindset to stay down to earth and never be too good to learn something new which could benefit people’s lives such as our customers or our staff & their families.


Creating opportunities to bring total strangers together and seeing them forge long term relationships continues to give us great pride. It’s not all work at YPA, we love dedicating a portion of our internal events to simply having fun! Our biggest challenge is continually outdoing ourselves with each new event on our yearly calendar


In a busy, noisy and sometimes challenging world, we know that we all need time to heal, reset and find an individual balance that helps us rejuvenate positive energy that benefits all those around us. Our wellness program is designed to assist our people break through barriers and ensure they never have to face adversity alone.