Selling With YPA

It’s our belief that every time a home enters the real estate market, an opportunity has been provided to change someone’s life for the better. To utilize this opportunity our staff are given top of the industry systems, training & guidance to maximize the potential of a life-changing outcome for our clients.

Our staff have been trained with the understanding that every situation is unique and requires a tailored set of solutions. By patiently explaining a set of answers which are for the good of the client and achieving great outcomes as a result, our agents form great relationships with our customers. In turn this has grown our business to the size it is at today due to the large referral base we receive from our past clients.

Problem solving the different elements of selling a home is a difficult task, which is why we invest so heavily in the training and development of our agents. Being able to analyze your situation and actively think about an appropriate solution is a skill which can only be implemented by people who are encouraged to think a layer deeper, and that is what we aim to cultivate in our people so that you, our client can benefit.

The goal is to make the entire experience of selling your property a pleasure and relieve the stress normally attached to this event. For most people, selling their home is the biggest transaction they will make during their lives. At YPA we recognize this fact.


Each of our agents has been trained to identify the key selling points of your home and ensure that they are the focal point of your marketing campaign. This along with utilising professional photography, videography and styling services will maximise the presentation of your home.


When bringing a home to market our agents identify what type of buyer your property will attract and advertise on the medium that those buyers use. Platforms like internet, social media, newspaper, leaflets and signage are all utilized to ensure maximum exposure to your demographic.


All of our offices use a database system for tracking buyers in the current marketplace.With the help of our systems it’s common for properties to be sold off market saving you time, stress and ensuring a great result. Databases also enable our network to sell between offices to maximize exposure to buyers regardless of postcode.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook & other platforms are an area that has seen real estate advertisement grow in Australia over the last 5 years. Using simple tools such as smartphones with video can create reels and virtual tours of your property to get in front of a market of passive buyers which may bring the highest bidder to your property.

Eye Catching Signage

Our clean, bright and bold signage stands out in a crowd. Choose from custom photo boards with light up or spotlight options available in many different sizes to fit the frontage of your home.

Method of Sale

With our agents trained and experienced in Auction, Sealed Bid or Private Sale, whatever method of sale your property is best suited to our agents are able to achieve premium results.