In 2004, my journey in Real Estate began as a Sales Executive, and over the past 20 years, I’ve cultivated a deep passion for this dynamic industry. The realisation that Real Estate rewards hard work and results has been a driving force in my career. My energetic approach and unwaveringly positive attitude have not only defined my interactions with clients but have also fostered a thriving environment within my dynamic sales team. Success in Real Estate, for me, is a blend of exceptional knowledge, impassioned leadership, and a holistic approach. This success is not a solo endeavour; it’s a collective achievement fuelled by the commitment and shared vision of my dedicated sales team. Together, we consistently strive to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results for our clients. While life has its challenges, what truly fuels my passion is the enduring love I have for my family. Cherishing moments and creating lasting memories with my late wife Zeinah, who will always hold a special place in my heart, as well as our three wonderful children, Aimen, Alina, and Laila. The bond we share is a source of strength and inspiration in every step of my journey. Beyond the professional realm, my family and I find joy in exploring diverse cuisines, embarking on travel adventures, enjoying beach outings, and cherishing moments of socialising with family and friends. Parallelly, my commitment to personal growth is evident in my exploration of various forms of Naturopathy and dedicated training of martial arts for over 17 years. This holistic approach to life and business has not only contributed to my high-performance results but has also made the journey in Real Estate a continuously rewarding and fulfilling one.