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YPA Reviews

  • ‘He is a great agent because the way he communicate, coordinate and service to customer is great. We are happy with his service’  
    Krishna - Meadow Heights
  • ‘A big thank you to Erhan Kalistu for his hard work ensuring the smooth sale of my property. Highly recommended’  
    Tunjay - Meadow Heights
  • ‘I have been in the market for a little over a year searching and trying to buy property and not had the best experience with agents in this time. Unfortunately, I have encountered ‘agents’ that have used my offer as leverage, ‘agents’ that have taken days to get back to me regarding an enquiry (some not at all), to making me feel like dirt and blatantly lying to my face. I am so happy with my purchase and my dealing with Mr. Erhan, he is down to earth, very approachable and negotiated fairly. Thank you Erhan!’  
    Kalyan - Meadow Heights
  • ‘Dina is very knowledgeable in her field and was very helpful each step of the journey to buying a new property. We highly recommend Dina if you wish to buy or sell a property, she will exceed and deliver beyond your expectations’  
    Denice - Meadow Heights
  • ‘Dina reassured us every step of the process, was very professional and the result was amazing’
    Maurice - Meadow Heights
  • ‘Dina the best agent we met, she’s kind, helpful, and she’s always ready to respond to any concerns’
    Allan - Meadow Heights
  • ‘We are very happy with the sale of our property at auction. Dina was very professional with advertising our property and the inspections that took place. The auctioneer was very professional as well during the auction we have no hesitation highly recommending Dina and the YPA team to anyone that wants to sell their property’
    Megan - Meadow Heights
  • Adil and Serena Really appreciate the phone call earlier to notify us that you have leased out our home after 1 inspection! the hard work you guys have put into leasing out our home has been excellent. We are extremely happy that you both delivered what you promised, as we were a little frightened because of the holidays fast approaching! What a great way to start the new year with what looks like great tenants and a great price!
    Param - Craigieburn
  • Adil & Serena will go above & beyond to not only find good tenants but make you comfortable throughout the process.  Being our first investment property, we had no idea how to go about things but the friendly advise we got from them at every stage made it a big difference.  We highly recommend them to all prospective landlords in & around Craigieburn.
    Karen - Craigieburn
  • ‘Thank you Erhan’ I would like to thank Erhan for his help in negotiating and successfully selling my property. I would highly recommend him.
    Michael - Meadow Heights
  • ‘Excellent Agent’ A big thank you to Erhan Kalistu for securing this property for me very promptly. I appreciated his direct, open and honest negotiations and believe that it was the sole reason for me and the seller to come to an agreement. Thank you Erhan and look forward to doing business again in the future.
    Amanda - Meadow Heights
  • ‘Wonderful agent’  Erhan Kalistu is a great agent and an amazing person, he helped us along the way to selling our house and we were very pleased with the out come.
    Robyn & Ray - Meadow Heights
  • ‘A+ Encounter’ Erhan has been so helpful, from start to finish! Assisting us every step of the way and ensuring a seamless transaction. Extremely happy. Can’t wait for Erhan to help us find the next one!
    Amelia & Martin - Meadow Heights
  • ‘Excellent Agent’ . Very professional, communicated very well and clear. Friendly and willing to help. I recommend Erhan to anyone who is willing to sell or rent their property.
    Leon - Meadow Heights
  • I want to thank you and Serena for the quick turn around in finding tenants. You both do a fantastic job and I have loved the constant level of communication throughout the process. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family in the future. You guys are the best!
    Imran - Craigieburn
  • I always thought selling my house would be a hassle so I kept postponing it, until I met with Dina and she assured me she will deal with the process from start to end and keep me in the loop along the whole process. I felt confident giving her the all clear and she stuck to her word. I would highly recommend Dina whenever someone wants to buy or sell their house as it was hassle-free and she made it seem effortless.    
    Daniel - Roxburgh Park
  • What can I say without going overboard. We have checked out all the Agents in Sunbury, attended numerous open houses and auctions and came to the decision to use YPA and Lisa. After our decision we were also informed by other people known to us who had used YPA and Lisa, of the professional way in which the sales were conducted. YPA and Lisa have become in a way part of our family. I cannot recommend YPA and Lisa highly enough to anyone wishing to sell their property. YPA is a team of young professional, very energetic and dedicated agents who will go the extra mile.  
    Walter & Angela - Sunbury
  • Luke was such a delight to work with, we are so happy that we chose him as our agent. He knows the area thoroughly and along with his strong work ethic he is a genuine agent and lovely person to deal with. Not only this, he got us a RECORD result for our area! Rate and recommend him HIGHLY … Thank you and your team at YPA sincerely for all your efforts, we couldn’t be happier!    
    Kata - Gladstone Park
  • Patrick was very knowledgeable and showed a lot of experience in this field of work. Always communicated with us on the progress of our sale campaign.. Patrick had a very professional manner and was very approachable. Was always ready to answer any questions no matter the time of day. Our advertising campaign was just what we asked for. Caught potential buyers eyes but not too over the top. He guided us through the process, as at times was very stressful    
    Racheal - Sunbury
  • Amin’s ability to read people is very good. I found this helpful as I met amin at the start of my journey 12 months ago, when he showed me one of the first properties I looked at. I met amin again recently, and he was showing me a property that I was quite keen on. He never pressured me, but let the house speak for itself, as it was what I was looking for. I found him to be respectful and professional, and have enjoyed my dealings with him    
    Dallas and Muna - Meadow Heights