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Lalor is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 18 kilometres (11 mi) north of Melbourne's central business district in the local government area of the City of Whittlesea. At the 2011 Census, Lalor had a population of 19,873.


Lalor is named after Peter Lalor, leader of the Eureka Stockade rebellion and later member of the Victorian parliament. The suburb was originally pronounced /ˈlɔːlər/ (locally [ˈloːlə]), after Peter Lalor, and although some people still pronounce it as such, in recent times the pronunciation /ˈleɪlɔr/ or /-lər/ (locally [ˈlæɪloː, -lə]) has become predominant, whilst the Federal electorate of Lalor is still predominantly pronounced /ˈlɔːlər/, locally [ˈloːlə].

The eastern and western borders of Lalor are defined by Darebin Creek and Merri Creek respectively.

Council Contacts

City of Whittlesea
25 Ferres Boulevard
South Morang VIC 3752

Phone:9217 2170

Fax:9217 2111